If you have not heard about kale, you have been living under a rock. Every health specialist today will ask you to include kale in your diet.

Why has this leafy cabbage taken the world by storm? The answer is simple. It is rich in a lot of nutrients that will improve your digestion and contribute to healthy hair, skin and bones.

Kale is usually added in salads and smoothies. But let us be honest here. It does have a bitter, almost peppery flavour that not everyone likes. So, if a salad is not an option for you, kale smoothies are the way to go. Mix it up with your favourite fruits, try to hide its flavour and gulp it in one go!

With that, your daily dose of kale is in your system. Let us now take a look at why kale should be a regular part of your diet.

Health Benefits of Kale

The nutrients in kale help you maintain a general sense of wellbeing. A cup of raw kale has multiple vitamins, manganese, calcium, potassium, copper and the healthy omega-3 fats that your system needs. Continue reading for the health benefits of kale.

It Can Help Prevent Cancer


Regular intake of kale boosts the body’s immune system and prevents it from taking in harmful compounds such as heterocyclic amines. These compounds are associated with cancer. We inadvertently consume them when we grill meat at high temperatures.

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The composition of kale and other cruciferous vegetables is such that it breaks down the compounds and reduces its harmful impact on the body.

It is a healthy idea to always pair your meat with leafy vegetables.

It Can Help Control Diabetes

Kale is rich in fibre and antioxidants. A high-fibre diet is often suggested to people suffering from diabetes. The fibre content in kale can help the body regulate blood sugar and insulin better.

The antioxidant in kale called the alpha-lipoic acid has been known to monitor glucose levels and make the body more sensitive to insulin. While your body produces this antioxidant naturally, it is a good idea to supplement it.

It Supports Heart Health

Heart HealthThe fibre in kale can be beneficial to your heart health. Fibre has a tendency to flush out the fat that thickens your arteries and veins. More the fibre, greater the flow of blood and lesser pressure on your heart.

The potassium and vitamins found in kale are also important nutrients that help in maintaining blood pressure. Kale is a huge source of potassium. A cup of it can give you 79 mg of potassium!

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It Aids in Digestion

We go back to kale being rich in fibre. All fibrous foods aid in the process of digestion and can help prevent constipation.

It Contributes to Bone Density

Calcium is an essential nutrient for bone health. The human body cannot process the required amount of calcium it needs without the support of vitamin K. And you guessed it right! Kale is a great source for vitamin K.

How to Include Kale in Your Daily Diet

Kale can be eaten both raw and cooked. Cooked kale works as a great side for your main course. But sauteing it for long can result in a loss of nutrients.

So, smoothies become your ideal choice. Throw your favourite fruits, a cup of kale and some almond milk or just water into your blender and a nutritious breakfast is ready for you.

However, raw kale does not get blended quickly. You might be left with little chunks or get a grainy texture which not everyone will like. How do you go about it then?

  • Try using the tender kale stalks instead of the fully grown ones.
  • Choose the other ingredients that can overpower the taste and texture of kale.
  • You can also try freezing it before throwing it in the blender. This will reduce the strain on your machine.

We hope this helps in planning your diet better. Go kale it!