Best Smoothie Blenders in Australia: Reviews & Buyer's Guide

(Updated: May 2020): Take a closer look at our 6 best smoothie blenders, including our NEW Editors Choice...

Best Smoothie Blender

Buyer’s Guide: How to Find the Best Smoothie Blender for You!

Whether you’ve recently discovered the world of fitness, are looking to beat the heat of the summer, or just want dinner time to be an easier affair (in terms of the prepping and cooking), blenders present the perfect solution! Versatile like Meryl Streep, you can crush, chop and puree ingredients with these little genius machines, making life all that easier and more convenient.

However, the sheer number of options out there can be quite overwhelming. What if you end up picking a blender that just won’t blend consistently, leaving tiny undesired chunks of ice and fruit in your smoothie or chops your veggies into shapes as varied as the pebbles on a beach? With so many different features, sizes, shapes and individual requirements, how do you pick a blender that perfectly suits your needs? What are the factors that let you recognize a good blender when you see one?

Whether you’re looking for a fool-proof way to combine all those fruits and veggies into a delicious smoothie (or add in a little bit of the Archie Rose and call it a cocktail evening!) or want an efficient sous chef, blenders are here to save the day but more importantly, so are we! We tell you how to go about getting yourself a blender as perfect as Hugh Jackman and also give you our top 6 blender picks for the year. Read on to know what we think Australia’s best smoothie blenders are!

Best Smoothie Blender

Top Recommended for Smoothies — Vitamix Ascent Series A2300i

Vitamix Ascent High-Performance Blender

For a long time our editors choice was the Vitamix 5200, but this new upgraded model from Vitamix, the A2300i, is even better…

It’s not cheap but it is superior to all other blenders we’ve tested. With 1700 watts of pure power and 3-inch laser-cut stainless-steel blades time boot, this blender will not only make quick work of any fruit or vegetable you put into it, but also give you smoothies with consistent silky-smooth consistency.

Best Budget Pick — Nutribullet 900W

Don’t judge a blender by its size! Compact yet powerful, the Nutribullet 900W’s price tag belies its amazing power and outstanding features. For a price well below $130, this blender comes with a pocket nutritionist, a manual, a recipe book, 5 different pieces, an efficient lid, a high-torque base and 900 watts of power; you’d be hard pressed to find another blender that can max out this much power and these many features at such a reasonable price!

NutriBullet 900W Series Blender

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Making your own blended drinks at home can be fun, easy and over in a matter of seconds (right from preparing to consuming to cleaning), provided you have the right blender. Apart from speed, blenders present a whole world of benefits, such as:

  • The ability to juice and crush literally anything — fruit, vegetable and ice.
  • Since a blender blends the entire fruit or vegetable while juicing, the nutritional level of these foods is not lost, especially the fiber content. With a traditional juicer, the juice is squeezed but the pulp, where most of the fiber lies, is left behind.
  • From pureeing to making sauces to crushing ice to powdering spices to making milkshakes to mixing drinks, a blender does it all!

Additionally, a good blender will last you for a long time to come and is sure to be a great addition to your kitchen.

But wait! What if you already have a food processor?

Well, both machines look extremely similar but it ends there; that’s about all they have in similar. If you want a multi-functional, versatile piece of equipment that can get the job done in seconds, we’d still recommend that you get yourself a blender. Though we don’t want to take away anything from the efficiency of food processors, they’re a better option for those who only want a machine that chops, shreds and dices food, minus the blending.

Blenders, on the other hand, though not designed specifically to chop, mince or dice, still manage to get the job done efficiently; if you’re not too picky about your fruits and veggies being “MasterChef” quality, you can mince and chop by using the “pulse” function. (However, if you are picky about “MasterChef” quality, an increasing number of models are available with specific chopping and dicing functions, as well.).

Therefore, the bottom line is that though both machines are built for different purposes, the humble blender manages to be one step ahead of the processor for being able to efficiently do the processor’s job as well as its own!

Types of Blenders

Before you decide what features you want in your blender, it’s important to know that there are 3 different types of blenders, each with its own features and purposes — the stick blender, bullet blender and full-sized blenders.

Full-Sized Blenders: Full-sized blenders are the most powerful of the lot, equipped with fast-spinning blades and a super-powerful motor. Therefore, these blenders, though great for almost all blending tasks, are ideal for heavy-duty tasks such as crushing ice, making extremely smooth smoothies and soups, and ice creams. Naturally, being full sized, these blenders have more volume capacity, but that means that they also take up more bench space and tend to be bulky; they’re also the most expensive blender type out there.

Stick Blenders: Also known as “hand blenders” and “immersion blenders”, stick blenders are a great option if you want to blend food or drinks directly, such as blending food while it’s cooking on the stovetop, instead of transferring it into a full-sized blender to get the job done. Sleek and slim, stick blenders are easy to store, occupying minimal space but with their limited power, they are ideal only for light tasks.

Bullet-Type Blenders: Bullet-type blenders are the perfect solution to anyone looking for a blender that is portable without compromising on its power. Less expensive than full-sized blenders, these blenders are great for on-the-go drinks and smoothies and as they mix ingredients in a cup that you can drink from, they work great as single-serve blenders.

What to Look for in a Blender

Power (Wattage)

One of the most important factors to look out for in a blender is its power; a high-power blender is indicated by the presence of strong motors with more horsepower and higher wattage and is capable of producing faster, better-blended results.

The higher the wattage, the more the power; therefore, high-wattage blenders are great when you require a blender that can run efficiently for long hours and get more work done. They’re especially helpful to people running home businesses or home-studio chefs who are just starting out.

A blender with a 1500-watt motor that can max out 2-3 HP can easily crush ice, blend nuts into butter and even grind grains into flour. Due to the high friction of the blades and the speed of operation, the food inside may tend to get heated; this may not always be beneficial but it is great when it means that you can cook a blended soup in the blender!

Blenders that are slightly less-powered (1100-watt range) can still crush ice and grind nuts and hard foods such as apples and carrots, but naturally, not as efficiently as their higher-powered counterparts. These blenders are better for lighter tasks like pureeing cooked vegetables and fruits and making smoothies.

Blenders with a power capacity any lesser than this are great for light drinks and blending soft foods (such as milk, berries and yoghurt) but not crushing ice or grinding hard food.


Blenders are available in a range of different sizes; therefore, decide how much blending you’ll be doing in one shot. For single-serve smoothies or smaller amounts of sauces and purees, smaller capacities (under 1 litre) are great (such as bullet-blenders), whereas blenders with a higher capacity (1.5-2 litres) are necessary if you intend to make smoothies or soup for the whole family.

If you’re worried that you might have to spend a large amount on getting a full-sized blender for a large capacity, you can work around this problem by getting a stick blender. In that case, all you’ll require is a bowl of the desired capacity; of course, your hands may end up hurting, but hey, no pain no gain, right? A relatively small price to pay for the substantial amount of money you’ll end up saving!

The Speed

Most blenders come with a range of different speeds, especially stick blenders and full-sized blenders as they’re also used for cooking. Bullet blenders, on the other hand, generally operate only at one speed, though you do have the option to pulse when required. Some blenders come equipped with pre-set default speed-time combinations, designed for various tasks of specific nature, such as pureeing, crushing ice or making smoothies.


The amount of working space or bench space you have influences your blender-buying decision; as mentioned earlier, conventional blenders are bulky, space consuming and can be as tall as 20 inches or 50.8 cm! Sure, more volume and power, but that also means bigger size and hence, more space required. Personal blenders are shorter (generally 13-16 inches tall), whereas immersion blenders are hand held and hence, can be easily stored in a drawer.


Anyone who says the price doesn’t matter is either lying or related to Warren Buffet; the price matters not just because you’ll be paying out of your hard-earned savings but because it defines what type of blenders are available to you!

If your budget is under $100, chances are that you’ll mostly find low, or at most, medium-quality full-sized blenders. However, you’re sure to find affordable immersion blenders of decent quality (and even great quality, closer to $100) within that budget. For a budget ranging from $100 to $200, you’ll still mostly find medium-quality full-sized blenders, though they may come with more accessories. You’ll also chance upon the occasional high end and fancy bullet or stick blenders in this range, with powerful motors and high-quality builds.

For a top-tier full-sized blender, be prepared to shell out anything between $200 to $500 (and higher, in some cases!); these blenders are heavy duty in every sense — in their build as well as their performance! At higher prices, you not only get more accessories but also more power.

The Controls

A lot of people are more than happy with dual-functional blenders that only blend and pulse; however, for the aspiring master chefs out there, more controls are necessary, such as multiple speeds, default or pre-programmed modes, automatic one-touch functioning, and the like.

However, whatever controls you may or may not choose to have, we highly recommend that you get a blender with a pulse function, as this makes it much easier when chopping up hard food items like ice and frozen foods.

Additional Features

There is also a range of additional features that you could consider when getting yourself a blender, such as:

  • The design of the blades.
  • The presence of a chute and its size, if present.
  • If it’s dishwasher safe (the parts that are supposed to be, that is; the electric component obviously doesn’t go into the dishwasher!)
  • If it’s easy to clean (conventional blenders can self-clean quite efficiently).
  • Whether the pitcher or jar is made of plastic or glass (glass can shatter easily if it’s of low quality but is more eco-friendly, whereas plastic is more durable and safe but more expensive and not always dishwasher safe).
  • You may take this one for granted or underrate it but a good warranty is essential; you’ll realize how essential only when you need it, so better safe than sorry! Warranties allow for repairs and replacements when required, ensuring that your rights as a customer are upheld.

Now that you have a slight idea of what to look for in a blender, here are our top blender reviews!


This is the upgraded replacement model for the Vitamix 5200. 

If you don’t mind paying extra for a top-tier, state-of-the-art blender that adds a whole new level of smoothness and silkiness to your smoothies, the Vitamix Ascent Series A2300i is it!

Whilst it is more expensive than some of the other models featured in our review, the Vitamix Ascent Series A2300i  completely justifies its price tag with a 2-litre capacity, aircraft-grade stainless-steel blades, industry leading 10 year warranty and tons of advanced features including wifi connectivity, 

Oh, and did we mention the digital timers, variable speed controls and free recipe book and DVD?

Our Editors Choice used to be the the Vitamix 5200 & we are pleased to announce that this replacement model is even better!

Check Price on Amazon Australia >


  • Overall Dimensions: 20.32cm x 27.94cm x 43.18cm
  • Weight: 8.3kg
  • Power: 2.3HP peak (1700 watts)
  • Capacity : 2 litres
  • 10-year warranty
  • Equipped with a thermal protection system and radial cooling fan
  • Laser-cut stainless-steel hammermill and cutting blades (3-inch diameter)
  • More than just a smoothie blender - 10+ culinary techniques
  • 10 Variable Speeds and Pulse Function
  • Self-detect technology automatically adjusts blending time
  • Digital timers
  • Self cleaning functions
  • Different container sizes available
  • 7-year warranty


  • The variable speed control lets you stay in control of the speed, letting you easily adjust it (10 different speeds) at any point to achieve the texture you want, all through the simple rotation of a dial.
  • The blender’s large capacity is perfect for making medium and large batches.
  • The blades of the blender are designed to reach speeds that are fast enough to create heat via friction, giving you steaming hot soup in as little as 6 minutes!
  • The patented container design, with its specific angles, ensures that ingredients are pulled back down for smoother and faster blending.
  • Extremely durable, equipped with a strong motor and high quality, the machine is great for heavy-duty tasks. The blender can self-clean in as little as 60 seconds, negating the need for disassembly.
  • From hot soups to frozen treats to grinding nuts to mixing batters and dough to making dips, sauces and spreads to making smoothies and juices to making baby food, the Ascent Series A2300i (prev Vitamix 5200) is highly versatile, efficient at a variety of tasks.
  • The machine comes with an overload safety function to protect circuits, where it automatically shuts off it runs too long or is overloaded.


  • Not dishwasher friendly.
  • Is on the expensive side.
  • Some customers found the blender too loud and the motor unbalanced.
  • There have been reports of durability issues such as malfunctions and breakage of parts within a few months of use.

All said and done, though, the Vitamix Ascent Series A2300i may cost you quite a bit, but is well made and reliable. The 10-year warranty shows that the company is willing to stand by their product, while the excellent capacity and power ensure quick and quality results, all of which serve to reinforce our decision to crown the Vitamix A2300i the best smoothie blender in Australia today.


Good things come in small packages and so it is with the Nutribullet 900W NB9-0507, a step up from the company’s original 600 series;

this compact-yet-powerful 5-piece machine comes with 900 watts of power and the capacity to break down tough ingredients like seeds and whole fruit without breaking a sweat, or even better, one of its parts!

Check Price on Amazon Australia >


  • Power: 900 watts
  • High-torque power base
  • Uniquely designed stainless-steel extractor blade
  • Cyclonic action
  • Overall Dimensions: 30 x 17.6 x 34.5 cm
  • Weight of 2.9 kg
  • Comes with a user guide
  • 1-year warranty
  • A recipe book
  • Flip-top to-go lid
  • Pocket nutritionist
  • 5-piece set, including a 23-ounce tall cup (with handle and a comfort lip ring) and a 32-ounce colossal cup (with a comfort lip ring)


  • The high-torque base allows for faster and more efficient extraction from even the toughest ingredients, such as thick stems, seeds and tough skin, ensuring maximum nutrition in every sip!
  • The stainless-steel high-quality blades don’t require sharpening.
  • The combination of the extractor blade and the cyclonic action ensures that tough ingredients can also be broken down easily and efficiently, including ice.
  • The large cups enable larger amounts of blending.
  • The blender is simple and easy to use; all it takes is a push and twist to get it blending!
  • Compact in make, the blender occupies storage minimal space.


  • Some users found the 900W very loud while operating.
  • Some users also stated that there were leaks in the base — this could be a result of the blade not being screwed on properly.
  • Some users reported durability issues within a matter of months, such as the jar bearings going bad and the machine making a screeching noise.

Compact, powerful and efficient, the Nutribullet 900W is a worthy investment, despite its few cons. Simple and intuitively designed, it can make quick work of any ingredient and considering the very competitive price, it definitely is the best budget pick!


The Nutri Ninja Nutrient Extract Processor is a gift to the extremely health conscious, equipped with high-quality extractor blades that can break down any food, be it vegetables, seeds, nuts, and whole fruits, ensuring maximum nutritional value, as well as ice, for the occasional indulgence!

Check Price on Amazon Australia >


  • Equipped with Auto-iQ technology gives you the option of timed blending/pulsing
  • Power: 1,500 watts
  • 2.1-litre capacity
  • Extractor blades to break down food
  • Multi-serve cups (small, regular and jumbo) and 3 seal lids included
  • Weight of 5.8 kg
  • Overall Dimensions: 40 x 28 x 41.9 cm
  • Comes with a recipe guide


  • The Auto-iQ feature eliminates all guesswork and gives you the perfect consistency to your smoothie, each time.
  • A sturdy and powerful motor results in high and efficient performance.
  • The Pro Extractor blades make quick work of all foods, no matter how tough, hard or dense.
  • It’s easy and quick to clean.
  • Durable.
  • The large capacity enables big batches, whereas the variously-sized cups let you carry how much you want.
  • The sip-and-seal lids let you take your smoothies on the go and ensure there is no spillage.


  • Some users found the blender noisy and said it rattled too much while being used.
  • The blender can’t be used with hot liquids/food items.
  • Some users have reported finding plastic flakes in their drinks, though this seems to be a one-off problem only.

With customers praising it for its powerful motor, the simplicity and convenience of the Auto-iQ feature, the easy-to-clean nature and the portability that the cups represent, it’s no wonder that this Nutri Ninja product enjoys the kind of popularity that it does; in fact, if you weren’t nit-picky like us, you’d be hard pressed to find any significant cons. For its ability to consistently make delicious smoothies in seconds, the Nutri Ninja Nutrient Extract Processor is the best smoothie blender.

You’re sure to love this “boss” full-sized blender if you’re someone who loves effortless ice crushing, smooth soups and silky smoothies! Equipped with a high-velocity blade-and-bowl system that’s uniquely designed, 1,500 watts and not 1 but 3 stainless-steel blades, you can imagine the kind of power and quick work that the Breville the Boss blender is capable of! Check Price on Amazon Australia >


  • ProKinetix Blade-and-Bowl System
  • Equipped with 3 stainless-steel blades
  • LCD screen
  • 12 variable speed settings
  • Auto-clean function
  • Pause button
  • Overall Dimensions: 24.6 x 46.2 x 32.2 cm
  • Breville Assist Lid with a unique ring pull design
  • Includes a recipe book
  • 7-year limited warranty
  • 2-litre capacity
  • Weight of 7.62 kg
  • Several pre-programmed settings that can be activated with the single touch of a button


  • The 3 high-power stainless-steel blades are contoured to the jug’s base, ensuring maximum power and speed while cutting.
  • The 12 manual adjustable speeds cover a wide range of speeds, letting you stay in control the entire time.
  • The convenient LCD lets you easily see speed settings and choose default/pre-programmed functions.
  • The wide range of pre-programmed and intuitive functions, such as the first “Green Smoothie” function in the world, lets you save time; the blender does its job while you do yours!
  • The Assist Lid ensures that there is no spillage of liquid during the blender’s operation.
  • The 1,500-watt motor and unique Kinetix blade-and-bowl system make quick work of pulverizing any food, including tough spices.
  • Additionally, the Kinetix system keeps ingredients cool when milling, thanks to its curved shape that quickly circulates ingredients away from the blades.
  • The blender is highly versatile and can be used for a range of activities from crushing ice to making smoothies to grinding nuts to pureeing to making soups to mixing flour to making dough.


  • The machine is quite noisy, operating at 110 decibels (yep, that’s as loud as an aeroplane taking off!).
  • The end result isn’t quite as smooth as other blenders in the same range, such as the Vitamix 5200 or 750.

With a wide range of features, hard-to-beat multifunctionality and around $200 cheaper than most competitors, we believe that this Breville blender really gives you great value and returns for your investment in it. From making soups to grinding nuts, the blender does it all efficiently and comes with advanced features that don’t burn advanced holes in your pocket and is, therefore, perfect for those looking for great features and functionality but without the extravagant price tags; ergo, our best “value for money” pick!


Perfect for blending both hot and cold foods thanks to its thermo-resistant glass, the Kenwood kMix Bench Blender is all kinds of high-performing and good looking!

Its removable stainless-steel blades ensure perfect, consistent blending each time, whereas its 1.6-litrecapacity makes it a great option for those who blend in big batches!

Check Price on Amazon Australia >


  • Removable stainless-steel blades
  • Power: 800 watts
  • Equipped with variable speed and pulse options
  • 1.6-litre capacity
  • Thermo-resist glass goblet
  • Equipped with blending ribs
  • The blades, base and goblet can be dismantled
  • Weight of 5.01 kg
  • Overall Dimensions: 7 x 21 x 21 cm


  • The enhanced blending ribs ensure high chopping performance.
  • The 1.6-litre capacity lets you work with big batches in one go, letting you easily cook up things for the entire family.
  • The spout and handles on the blender make it easy to use and serve from.
  • Since the blade, goblet and base can be dismantled, the blender is easy to clean.
  • The stainless-steel blades ensure high performance and consistent chopping.
  • The thermo-resistant glass goblet is perfect for blending both hot and frozen food, withstanding thermal cracks with its tough build.
  • With the 800-watt motor, the variable speeds and the pulse option, crushing and pulverizing food is effortless and quick, ice included.


  • The glass goblet is heavy to handle.
  • Some users reported the machine malfunctioning on the first day of usage.
  • Some customers found the blade unit hard to clean.

Sleek looks and sturdy parts galore, the Kenwood kMix Bench Blender seems to be the diva of the blender world, but it isn’t just about the looks with this one! A sturdy build, a powerful motor, efficient blades, and low-maintenance — the Kenwood kMix has it all and is definitely a worthy investment.


With a 2200-watt motor and 42,000 RPM, you bet that the Logik Octablend 2200W blender would be the most powerful blender on our list!

Affordable and equipped with tons of great features, the manufacturers of this blender claim that you’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to using this blender!

Check Price on Amazon Australia >


  • Carbon-brushed motor
  • Power: 2200 watts
  • NSK bearings (Japanese)
  • 8-blade bender
  • Equipped with a rubber handle
  • Drop-forged blades
  • 4 sawtooth and 4 chemically-sharpened blades
  • BPA-free 2-litre Tritan jug
  • The signature vortex jar
  • Comes with a pulse function and variable speed
  • 2-litre capacity
  • Friction heat for hot foods


  • Affordable.
  • Extremely powerful.
  • Australia’s first 8-blade bender.
  • The all-metal drive coupling is claimed to be the strongest in Australia, by the manufacturers.
  • The blades make quick work of all kinds of food, including ice.
  • The rubber handle makes it easy to handle the jar.
  • The signature vortex jar, with a unique clover shape and curved bottom, ensures that no pockets of unblended foods exist and that blending happens super quickly.
  • Ideal for both hot and cold foods (the friction heat caused by the blades ensures that any food is quickly heated, in the case of the former).


  • A bit awkward to clean the bladesA bit awkward to clean the blades
  • It’s noisy, even at low levels of operation.

We have to say this about the Logik blender; at first glance, the brand seems legit and high performing. However, the manufacturers make quite a few tall claims and how well they work or how real they are is left to the customer to see. Though all the customer reviews seem to be positive for this product, we would still advise a bit of caution when buying this product; if you can and it’s available, it’s best to buy it off the shelf of a store after giving it a good and thorough look-see.


Top Recommended for Smoothies — Vitamix Ascent Series A2300i

Vitamix Ascent High-Performance Blender

When it comes to making the smoothest smoothies, very few blenders can get the job done as well as the Vitamix Ascent Series A2300i . 

With 1700 watts of pure power and 3-inch laser-cut stainless-steel blades time boot, this blender will not only make quick work of any fruit or vegetable you put into it, but also give you smoothies with consistent silky-smooth consistency.

Want to add ice? Not a problem; this blender can crush ice like the last season of GoT crushed our collective souls. Bad comparisons apart, you get the point!

Blenders that have less powerful motors will give you chunky smoothies, which quite frankly, defeats the purpose of a smoothie, don’t you think? And even if you did manage to get the desired consistency, your blender may just wear out faster as the motor and the blades have to work that much harder for it, unlike the Vitamix’s powerful motor that is specifically designed to give you quick and smooth results.

Additionally, the blender also comes with variable speed control, letting you fully control how fast you want the machine to go and ergo, how smooth you want your smoothie to be.

Best Budget Pick — Nutribullet 900W

Compact yet powerful, the Nutribullet 900W’s price tag belies its amazing power and outstanding features. For a price well below $130, this blender comes with a pocket nutritionist, a manual, a recipe book, 5 different pieces, an efficient lid, a high-torque base and 900 watts of power; you’d be hard pressed to find another blender that can max out this much power and these many features at such a reasonable price!

In a market of overpriced models with half-baked efficiency and cheap products of even cheaper quality, lower efficiency and questionable durability, the Nutribullet 900W shows you that all hope isn’t lost — you can still find a blender that fits in your budget but performs like competitors three times its price. This blender more than justifies its “best budget” title

NutriBullet 900W Series Blender

The Final Word

If you thought buying a blender was easy, you’re right! It absolutely is, provided you know what you’re looking for and hopefully, this article has helped you realise what you should be looking for in a blender. The right blender is the one that perfectly fits your needs so ensure you know what your needs are. Do you want a blender that is multi-functional? Well, be prepared to pay a little more, then. Do you want one just to make smoothies? You’ll have to forego other benefits and functions!

The point is, though each blender comes with a world of pros, it also comes with its cons, both in terms of the individual blender itself as well as the type of blender it is (full sized, stick or bullet). Weigh everything before you make a decision so that you always get the best results with any blender you purchase!